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We’re often taught in our society that as a woman you can either be feminine and stylish, or you can be a successful business woman. Heidi of The Ambitionista shows us that these are not mutually exclusive concepts. Her blog gives valuable tips about how to advance in your career, as well as tips on fashion, beauty and travel. She’s a fantastic role model to the women who want to have a successful career and look good while achieving their goals.

As a successful business woman, it’s sometimes necessary during vacation to do some work or at least stay connected. Heidi breaks down some simple rules to help you efficiently work while on vacation without sacrificing your relaxation or time with loved ones. But first, we'd like you to get to know Ms Heidi for yourself (make sure to read on for the rest of the article)! 

Introducing Heidi Nazarudin:

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1. Where are you based? I live in Santa Monica, but I travel a lot. 70% of the time I am traveling to NYC, Paris, Milan and various parts of Asia.

2. How would you describe your style? It's Devil Wear Prada all the way. Except I try to wear sensible shoes as much as I can, because - walking.

3. What's your absolute favorite place to travel and why? I have so many favorites and I was brought up and lived in so many great cities - NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong and now LA. But my definite favorite is Florence. It's the right amount of fashion and history and it’s small enough that you can walk anywhere. I try to go at least once a year.

4. Do you have a favorite city to shop in? Florence (so many independent fashion artisans). I also love eBay. A runway jacket for 80% less its retail price? Sold.

5. Any travel secrets or tips? Try to see as much of the destination by foot. This way you can really get to know a city/destination intimately - its personality, its people, its sounds and smells - all the things you won't get if you went by in a taxi or tourist bus. I also would recommend to be very conscious and sensitive to how the locals act and dress. If you see the majority of local women wearing modest clothing, don't walk around in a tank top and shorts. We're all ambassadors of where we come from.

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Written by Heidi Nazarudin, The Ambitionista

5 (of the 9) Rules You Must Follow:

A working holiday might sound like an oxymoron, but there are actually good reasons you might want to sneak in some hours while taking your vacation.  A study shows that 47% of people feel less stressed if they don’t completely disconnect from work. Another study found that more than 50% of workers find they’re more productive when they can stay plugged in.  Just don’t over do it – holidays are a time to regroup and relax so that you can return to the office refreshed.  Peek these tips to help you check-in and check-out at the same time:

1. Before you leave town, remember to add an auto email reply that states you’ll be out of the office for x period of time, and include a contact person if there is an urgent work matter.  It will at least slow the number of people who expect you to respond and take the pressure off knowing that in an emergency, someone else will also be contacted to handle the matter.

2. Plan ahead and before you leave, decide which project(s) must be tackled while you’re away and then feel good about leaving everything else waiting until you return.  Print out and organize all the info you’ll need for that project so that you can work on it even when you don’t have internet access.  It may sound old-school, but you can’t always count on modern technology.


3. Speaking of modern technology, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You may not always have internet access or it might be really slow.  I use a Mifi so that I don’t have to depend on hotel or airport Internet access and I don’t have to worry about security.  Also, bring an extra power-strip because often hotel rooms (especially quaint, older B&Bs or reconfigured manors) won’t have enough outlets for you to plug all your technology into.


4. Install a secondary browser on your laptop that doesn’t require quick Internet to load.  Strip it of most of your bookmarks, bells and whistles so that you can just boot up and perform basic work tasks like checking your email.


5. You can keep in touch via phone conferences if need be.  Just be prepared to find a quiet place ahead of time so you’re not calling in while marimbas play in the background.

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Introduction written by and feature compiled by: Susan Ripley

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