Guide to Luxury Travel + The Ultimate Giveaway

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The traveling industry is rapidly growing. People are valuing experiences over things these days. Thanks to (mainly) social media, it has helped us to explore other parts of the world that we didn't even know existed and then add them to our travel lists. In a world that is increasingly becoming dependent on technological solutions, the roll out of all inclusive travel management platforms will be a trend in 2017. That's not the only thing, personalization and memorable experiences are really important to travelers. That's why Trvl Porter, a brand that is reinventing the travel experience to lend a "pre-styled" wardrobe waiting for you at your destination has teamed up with Travel Hub 365, a luxury travel agency with endless personalized trip possibilities to make this ultimate giveaway possible! 

Love the idea of winning a three night cruise on the Royal Caribbean for two, as well as a personalized experience of having a pre-styled vacation wardrobe waiting for you on board? 

TO ENTER: (each of the below counts as one entry)

1) Follow @TrvlPorter on Instagram

2) Follow @TravelHub365 on Instagram

3) Hashtag #IWant2WinaCruise or tag @TrvlPorter  @TravelHub365 on an Instagram photo of you on your favorite vacation. 

4) In NYC? Take a selfie in front of the Travel Hub 365's billboard on the Macy's building on the 34th / 7th avenue corner. Post on Instagram with the hashtag #IWant2WinaCruise

Deadline: Saturday April 8th 2017

Introducing Stephen Scott, Founder of Travel Hub 365

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1. How did Travel Hub 365 come about?  After 12 years of working in the travel industry, and two of the most recent years spent helping Travel Agency's across New York City and Bermuda grow their business from a sales and marketing perspective, I could see clear gaps in how agencies approached the crossroads of how they interacted with the traveler. There is a social aspect that was being missed almost entirely, in addition to technology, marketing, and then final presentation of travel options. Traveling is a very 'in" thing to do, and using a travel brand that understands your wants/ needs is key. 

2. Can you explain how it works? Never be without expert travel support again. When you contact our team, your Travel Advisor will find premium options to fit your ideal experience, budget, and time frame in a way that makes the process simplified. This is thanks to our commitment to personalization, connections at your destination, technology, and the fact that we are probably as excited as you are for this upcoming trip! You probably will hear us ask you to "Say hi to Stacy the Concierge for me, ok!" 

3. What's your absolute favorite destination and why? My favorite destination so far has been my trip to Chile. We spent a week in and around the Atacama Desert hiking, lodging, camping, and the best of all star-gazing in the same desert where they filmed many movies as the light pollution is minimal, and it is the driest non-polar desert in the world.

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4. How would you describe your style?  My style could best be described as functional. I have multiple phones, and other tech with me at all times, and the clothes can't be too tight so I can have space to keep all the tech.  

5. Any travel secrets or tips? Don't be afraid to ask about a cruise. Reaching 3 mediterranean countries in one week can be nearly impossible otherwise. Can you imagine the amount of time wasted in airports, on trains, and in security lines? Why not relax, and get some sun with all of that time?