Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs

Last year our founder, Stefanie Nissen, set out to explore Bali and shop local boutiques. While searching for options, she discovered Travelshopa and it was love at first sight. The guides were easy to follow with descriptions of the store and products, including a map of where to find. Travelshopa connects shoppers with the best designers and retailers around the world!

Recently, Stefanie connected with Founder Renée Lodens, who both share similar passions of travel and shopping, to learn more about her global network of style conscious shoppers, emerging designers and independent retailers as well as industry professionals across the globe. Renée was warm, enthusiastic and very supportive of our startup and we had to get to know her more! Plus, we're excited to be sharing some of our favorite Travelshopa guides directly to you. This week... Palm Springs!  

Introducing Renée Lodens

Renee Lodens Travelshopa

1.  How did Travelshopa come about? 

Travel and shopping are two of my passions. After moving to Singapore in 2010 I saw that there was no go-to guide on the best local shopping for style-conscious shoppers. Recognizing that travelers the world over would benefit from such a guide, I started having informal conversations (online and on social) about cool local brands, new stores, and shopping events in Singapore, and created shopping guides to help shoppers have unforgettable shopping experiences.

My approach has always been personal, unique and informative, making sure I cover subjects that nobody else has covered at a regional or global level. I launched Travelshopa in 2013 in Singapore and have been adding destinations ever since. We now have 18 destinations on the platform and are the curated guide to the best local shopping around the world.

2.  Can you explain how it works? 

Travelshopa is the perfect place for the shopping tourist – a growing band of style conscious travelers who are seeking unique and local shopping experiences. We take shoppers by the hand and explain where to shop in 18 destination in Asia, the Americas and Australia.

We profile the world’s more discrete, less known, but no less fabulous brands. Through a series of profiles, guides, interviews, experiences, and online shop, we take shoppers inside the local shopping scene and connect them with the best designers and retailers in each destination. With our dedicated section of guides, shoppers can search where to shop, what to buy, where to stay and what’s new.

3.  What's your absolute favorite destination and why? 

I travel a lot, and have personally visited and curated each destination on the site. There are even a few places I have been to that are not yet on the site (but they are coming…).

San Francisco exceeded my expectations. As did Seoul. They both have a great local, independent shopping scene that I think anyone with a penchant for shopping should see. Palm Springs is great for vintage and San Diego has a brilliant homewares scene.

In my downtime, I like to travel to places with limited shopping (which is hard). My absolute favorite destination would have to be the Greek islands – the food, the people, the culture, the views, the weather and of course the shopping are all perfect. 

4.  How would you describe your style? 

I invest in classic pieces that I can easily mix and match. I wear most things on high rotation, rather than having a big wardrobe. My go-to pieces are tailored blazers, cigarette pants, plenty of denim, crisp white shirts, stripes, flats, and a statement bag.

When I am out curating a city, I sometimes pick up great pieces that I know are unique and different, and match my personal style. Some of my favorite wardrobe staples are blazers from local designers in LA, jeans from a boutique in Seoul, summer dresses from Bali and shoes from Hong Kong. I have also picked up many home décor pieces from all over the world that make our home feel collected and are a daily reminder of all our adventures.

5.  Any travel secrets or tips? 

To see the real side of any destination, get local as quickly as possible. Avoid tourist spots, ask locals for recommendations and get lost. Get really lost. And make sure you visit Travelshopa to get the inside knowledge on where to shop.

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Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs

Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs


Think of Palm Springs and either one of two things spring to mind. Towering palm trees silhouetted against a blistering blue sky, or midcentury modern design. The lush desert oasis stands proud as a visionary example of midcentury modernism – a colourful landscape dominated by decorated architectural landmarks and sleek modern homes. More recently, Palm Springs enjoys a seasonal popularity, every time Coachella winds into play.

Here, shopping is as uncomplicated as it can get. Towards the north end of Palm Canyon Drive (a.k.a. the 111), is the Uptown Design District – a mecca for vintage and modern furniture shops. Lovers of the old and new will be equally delighted with their pick of fashion, vintage, mid-century to modern furnishings and gifts.




Aside from a fascination with the color orange, Distinctive Home has much to offer by way of modern furnishings with a distinct retro vibe. A wide range of furniture styles is offered here, ranging from Mid-century to Hollywood Regency and Milano Mod. We love how they don’t shy away from color, imbuing the interiors with a fresh vibrancy that mirrors the dramatic landscapes of the surrounding desert. Small decorative accents such as vases, frames, cushions and candles help bring the mod aesthetic to life.

Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs_Distinctive Home
Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs_1




With gems bright enough to rival the shine of Palm Spring’s Hollywood patrons, Signature Palm Springs is a popular spot for premium jewelry that won’t break the bank. The newly renovated downtown boutique is the epitome of sophistication, bedecked with glistening 20 to 40 karat jewels and cabochons crafted from precious gems and stones such as rubies, sapphires and amethysts. Vintage sterling silver bracelets dating back to the 40s and 60s wink at us from behind reflective glass cases, the perfect choice for those with more moderate tastes.

Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs_Signature Palm Springs
Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs_2


Palm Springs is a haven of vintage shopping that will satisfy even the biggest foragers’ appetites. Weave through the honeycomb-like small lanes like Perez Road or simply follow the main drag of Palm Canyon Drive for an assortment of consignment shops, thrift stores and boutiques. The best place to relive the midcentury aesthetic experience, vintage furniture shops like Hedge and The Private Collection are packed with rare and authentic pieces, restored to full glory. On the flipside, Just Modern offers modern reproductions of original mid century designs. Thrift stores scattered along the road present hours of treasure hunting for pre-loved designer clothing, reasonably priced antiques, vintage jewelry and all sorts of oddities.

Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs_Vintage
Guide to shopping in Plam Springs_7.jpg