How to Travel With Nothing

Trvl Porter and DUFL

We are taking baggage-free travel to the next level. We are so excited to introduce our newest partnership with DUFL!

What is DUFL? 

DUFL is a premium travel service – a personal valet that simplifies business travel by shipping, cleaning and storing your business attire.

DUFL stores your clothing in your personal DUFL closet, and allows you to virtually ‘pack’ by selecting your clothing items from within the app. Once you’ve scheduled your trip, you’ll travel – bag free, and your freshly cleaned and neatly packed clothing will meet you at your specified destination. When you’re ready to head home, schedule a pick up from the hotel and we’ll clean your clothes and have them waiting in your virtual closet, ready for your next trip!

Trvl Porter will personally style you based on your style + trip itinerary and add in wardrobe pieces you might be missing to make you look as sleek as possible on your business trip. Have the best pantsuit for that conference you’re attending but nothing to wear for a client dinner? We’ll find one for you and have it waiting for you at your destination along with your DUFL.

We save you 3-5 hours per round trip and eliminate all the stress of packing, unpacking, doing laundry and dragging a bag through the airport so you can go spend more time with your dog.

Sign up for DUFL using the promo code TRVLPORTER to receive your 1st DUFL trip FREE ($99 value)! 

You’re welcome.

XO, Trvl Porter + DUFL