5 Places + Styles to try Summer 2019

Whether you have three months off or are simply taking advantage of long warm days, summer is the time for travel — and we have some inspiration on where to go and of course, what to wear!

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1. Grand Canyon, Arizona: for the adventurer

Grand Canyon has a special place in the heart of our Founder, Stefanie Nissen. Her family and friends have a private white water rafting group who once a year runs the wild class 10 rapids of the Colorado River that cuts through the Grand Canyon. Making for a very adventurous and Stefanie’s favorite way to explore the canyon.  Experiencing the canyon from the river is a completely different experience than viewing the canyon from above. Both, however, provide stunning views of the majestic walls and the most amazing starry sky at night.

The Grand Canyon is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a national park this year, and there are multiple ways to celebrate. From June 22-29, stargazers can join amateur astronomers for free at the park's North and South Rims for the Star Party.

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2. San Juan, Puerto Rico: for the Island Hopper

After a devastating hurricane hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, this soulful island has been quick on the rebound. Several hotels and restaurants have reopened, many with new amenities and menu updates. The best way to support the island's continued recovery? Book a trip!

Attention: Fashion enthusiasts! Stefanie’s friend and Project Runway finalist, Margarita Alvarez is a native Puerto Rican fashion designer and has the perfect outfit for any tropical getaway! Check out her website before your trip or visit her new boutique in San Juan. Stefanie’s pick is the fish out of water yellow one-piece swimsuit on the left photo below.

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3.Bali, Indonesia: for the soul seeker

If you’re looking for a place where your soul can feel grounded, calm and balanced, then head to Bali, Indonesia. The energy found here is cleansing and rejuvenating for the spirit, the food is healthy, the culture is safe, everything is affordable and the people are genuinely grateful that you came to visit their country.

Stefanie first traveled to Bali in 2016 when she joined IVHQ for a volunteer trip in Ubud. What she discovered on the trip was much more than she thought she would gain from volunteering, she found a special place that was healing and cultivated self-love. In 2018, she brought her beau to Bali on their first trip across the seas to create some very special memories! This place comes highly recommended by her.

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Benesse Artsite website

Benesse Artsite website

4. Naoshima, Japan: for the Creative

What may be one of the world's most unconventional contemporary art destinations, this island in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea displays thought-provoking artistic expression and unique architecture concepts.

This year, the Setouchi Triennale will take place across 12 islands in the Seto Inland Sea, including Naoshima. Visitors can expect rotating art exhibits, installations, and interactive experiments from predominantly Japanese artists.

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5.Rwanda, East Africa: for the safari seeker

When in Rwanda, you can’t miss the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, African elephants and Cape buffalos) in Akagera National Park, while camping at Mahashi Camp, which opened in May. Mahashi Camp is the most high-end glamping option available, outfitted with six large tents that accommodate a king-sized bed, comfortable seating and locally made decor.

Separate tents house a communal lounge, dining area and bar and a pool on-site. As the camp overlooks Lake Rwanyakazinga, guests can spot a plethora of hippos and crocodiles without leaving the premises.

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Ladies, we’d love to style you for any upcoming trips you have!

Please get started by creating a profile + trip and one of our stylists will send you a personalized rental travel wardrobe for you to review. You choose the options you want to rent and we’ll ship to your destination. Currently only shipping in the US, but if you have an overseas trip, we can ship to your home.

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