Founder Reflections, Part I

Hello beautiful friends! I’m Stefanie, the visionary behind Trvl Porter. The idea for the company sparked after a common travel problem, lost luggage! I'm an avid traveler with a background in fashion and experience in consulting for tech startups. I knew I could put together a rockstar team to help me solve this problem and improve the way the world travels, without extra baggage!

This journey has been a wild ride with multiple trips and stylish wears. Once a quarter, I’ll be sharing my reflections about entrepreneurship, talk about my travels, what I wore, and life in general! 

Summer 2019 came and went faster than the last. Every type of trip that I plan combines business/pleasure or pleasure into work. The lines seem to blur, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Before summer began, my team set out to develop Trvl Porter technology 2.0. This was a year in the making and a huge step in the business as it gave us the ability to scale and work with larger partners. 

My summer travel itinerary:

  1. San Francisco

  2. Utah Rafting Trip

  3. Philly

  4. Miami

  5. Winter Park, CO

  6. NYC

Main San Francisco Plan: Attend bootcamp with Business Models, Inc. on how to build a better sustainability business. 


Side Plan : Drive up PCH and explore small beach towns and Big Sur with my boyfriend Keith. 


Learnings: 1) It’s important to take spontaneous road trips more often. This opened my eyes to the beauty of California from Long Beach to San Francisco and helped bring gratitude to this beautiful state in which I reside. 2) When you explore like a tourist, it helps bring you back to the present moment and enjoyment of a new city. 


Utah Rafting Trip Plan: Escape for Memorial Day weekend and finally get on one of Dad’s yearly river trips for Keith to experience my mad rowing skills on some white water. 


Learnings: Should’ve prepped Keith about what was all involved on this extreme adventure. Do more research on weather and pack accordingly. #tripfail

Philly Main Plan: Celebrate my birthday and spend it with two of my best friends. 


Learnings: Catch up and share real life details more so that after a night of drinking and celebrating it doesn’t come to an emotional head.

Miami Main Plan: Attend LE Miami, a marketing partner and network with hotels and travel agents.


Side Plan: Add local Miami boutiques to our designer roster and relax at the beach, as much as possible.


Learnings: 1) Sometimes you won’t have time for the beach and you will be completely exhausted from events/parties, but that’s ok. At least you can look at it from your hotel bed. 2) Putting yourself out there in a big way will always open doors. 

Winter Park, CO Main Plan: Spend quality time at a family reunion over the 4th of July. 


Side Plan: Take another road trip to save money and explore Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon on the way.


Learnings: After complete shock of some of my (now resigned) CTO’s actions, there is nothing an open road with your partner, a shot of tequila and quality time with family can’t fix.


NYC Main Plan: Celebrate my college roommate’s wedding in upstate New York.


Side Plan: Spend a few days in the city for business meetings and, because NYC.


Learnings: 1) Weddings with college friends are incredibly fun, but next time don’t wear Spanx under a dress in the summertime heat of upstate NY. 2) Time in the city led to one of my most exciting meetings yet, with an advisor and potential investor!

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Stylish Travels,


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