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Guide to Packing for Fashion Week

Packing is a huge ordeal, and on Instagram, you sometimes can’t help but get trapped in thinking about just how perfect everyone looks and how they must have such an effortless time wearing designer outfits that are perfectly styled and fitted. While that might be true for 5% of people romping around Manhattan during fashion week, it’s not reality for most. Here is how Rachel Off Duty packed for NYFW.

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Guide to 2018: Travel & Style Edition

We are very excited to continue on our mission to transform the way you travel and experience fashion in 2018! Along our journey, we have discovered some of the most amazing luxury hotels with unique spas, top destinations we can't wait to explore and new fashion brands to indulge in. Dare to try something new this year, let us help show you how.

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Guide to Travel Essentials: Overnight Flight

It’s necessary to put some thought into the most important items for your carry-on, especially for a long or overnight flight. This is where our stylish expert, Mary Gui of the Layers of Chic blog, comes into play. Check out her list of the best skin, beauty, entertainment, and travel-related items you should include in your carry-on bag.

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