Guide to Shopping in Palm Springs

Explore the best shopping in Palm Springs and read our interview with Founder, Renée Lodens of Travelshopa about their amazing curated guides to the best local shopping around the world, how the business came about and her best travel secret.  

Stefanie Nissen
Guide to Using Trvl Porter

Imagine your next trip being the ULTIMATE personalized experience and freedom while traveling! See how Trvl Porter will eliminate your luggage and offer a new way to travel and experience fashion.

Stefanie Nissen
Guide to Travel Essentials: Overnight Flight

It’s necessary to put some thought into the most important items for your carry-on, especially for a long or overnight flight. This is where our stylish expert, Mary Gui of the Layers of Chic blog, comes into play. Check out her list of the best skin, beauty, entertainment, and travel-related items you should include in your carry-on bag.

Stefanie Nissen
Guide to Working on Vacation

As a successful business woman, it’s sometimes necessary during vacation to do some work or at least stay connected. Heidi Nazarudin breaks down 9 simple rules to help you efficiently work while on vacation without sacrificing your relaxation or time with loved ones.